We are in the Southwest Zone of the city of São Paulo

Our family moved here in 1990. After that,
  • Marcelo got married and decided to live with his wife near the Aclimação Park in São Paulo
  • Luciana, who lived in Brasil for two years, decided to return to Germany with her children;
  • Carolina, who was living in Rio de Janeiro, came with her husband and children to VilaUSP
  • Davi, who had lived in Australia for five years, decided to return to Brazil and live in VilaUSP with the Carolina family
  • As the children grew up the parents moved to the North Zone, where they still are. The house was too big for them.
In 2017 we decided to open the five outer rooms of our house to international students, so that they could have a small community here to live in Brazil. Our guests usually come for a period of months. As much as possible we want them to feel at home and that they adapt the rooms according to their preferences.